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Before I start talking about this amazing podcast I need to tell you about my blog situation.  Apparently my employer has decided to block all blogs on our network.  THAT means that I can no longer post or comment on any blogs on my lunch hour (cough).  I can read via Feedreader but I can’t get to the actual blog.

This blows more than you know.

So I’m posting when I can either after I get home at night or on my phone…which suck…and blows…and bites.  Stick with me though, I’m hoping this isn’t permanent.

Now back to our regularly scheduled post.

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts.  It’s great to listen to them on the bus on the way home.  I’ve listened to everything from Downton Abbey recaps to Serial (love) to weight loss podcasts.  Then our very own Paul, formerly of Message In A Bottle put a podcast out there that sprung from his relationships on Twitter where he tweets as @buzzkillpod.

By the way, I just can’t figure the Twittersphere out.  I’ll keep trying but be patient. I’m old.  What can I say?

Anyway, as I’ve mentioned before Paul has a fabulous podcast called Buzzkill that I listen to faithfully.  From that, I’ve found another amazing podcast done by another Twitter group Recovery Revolution (@KLENandSOBR) called Since Right Now.  I have fallen in love with these three guys.

It’s basically three guys, Chris, Jeff and Matt who just…talk.  It’s like an AA meeting with cross-talk (which is awesome).  They talk about anything and everything in the moment and it’s fucking amazing.  It’s fresh and honest and raw and much needed in our sober community in my opinion (which doesn’t mean shit but I had to put it out there).  They have awesome guests (Sacha Scoblic anyone?) that they interview in an informal ‘let’s talk’ kind of way rather than a scripted kind of way.

So now I’m hooked and I’m listening off the bus as well.  I’m downloading episode after episode.  Eventually I’ll get my fill but for now I’m on my honeymoon with these three guys so don’t judge.  Let me live my life.

Seriously though, if you’re new to sobriety and want to hear some real and honest conversation about getting sober and staying that way give it a listen.  And if you’ve been sober for a while and you just want to check in and get a “me too” then you should give them a listen as well.

One of their recent guests said she felt like she’d been chatting with rock stars.  I couldn’t agree more.  Rock on gentlemen, you do good work.  And thanks for the gift Paul.


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14 Responses to Since Right Now Podcast

  1. ainsobriety says:

    I think that’s why I love the bubble hour, it’s just ladies chatting, and being honest.

    • Sherry says:

      YES! But for some reason I just relate to these guys more.

    • Chris says:

      The Bubble Hour was one of the three recovery podcasts (AfterParty and Rebellion Dogs being the other two) that inspired me to dive in to the deep end of recovery podcasting. I’m a huge fan of Ellie and her co-hosts and what they do. Don’t tell anyone but you may hear our voices on the same podcast sometime in the not too distant future. (But you didn’t hear it from me.)

    • Chris says:

      Sherry! Thanks so much for the super fantastic words about our show and Paul’s show. Paul was one of my early online recovery gurus. I hope you don’t give up on Twitter entirely as the recovery community can be supportive, informative and inspiring in a way I haven’t experienced in my recovery. Either way I greatly appreciate you listening and am so grateful that you get enough out of Since Right Now to move you to share us with others. Appreciatively, Chris /fist-bumb-sparkle-explosion

  2. I was happy to see this post pop up. I was a little worried about you. Blocked all blogs? Whaaa WHAT? Mercy. Anyway. Glad you’re alive and well. I can’t figure out Twitter either. I think I’m entirely too ADD for social media in general, quite frankly, but that’s another story for another day. I love podcasts and audiobooks — except I seem to need information in multiple forms, so I often find myself buying the audiobook AND actual book. This, I think, might be an additional benefit of podcasts — no book to accompany the audio content. This is probably the most ramble-y comment ever. Glad you’re well, my friend. I’ve missed you!

  3. ML B says:

    My work did that also, but only after my supervisor had read my blog, which was clearly visible when they scanned websites employees were visiting. That was my old blog, all about addiction..ugg. She was very understanding about my situation, even sympathized with me, but made it clear there would be no more blogging on company networks.

    I had to start getting up even earlier in the morning to blog before I went to work…UGG, UGG!!

  4. furtheron says:

    I long gave up on Twitter. It’s like sitting at home and opening the window every other minute shouting “I just cleaned my teeth”. “I’m having a cup of tea” and when the window is open everyone walking past is shouting “I’ve a hole in my shoe” “I can’t find my wallet”. It’s mad random shouting it is no conversation and there is absolutely no context… So… I simply fail to engage with it at all. But that is simply my jaded view on it.

  5. byebyebeer says:

    Agree on all points about Paul’s and Chris’ podcasts. They sure brighten up my commute. A meeting in my car. Still thinking about a couple things I heard from the last ones. Love furtheron’s comment on Twitter. I have a hole in my shoe! Haha!

  6. Now, I have to listen to Podcasts because I can hear them with my new ear and headphones!
    I never could before!
    I love honest, raw words.
    I long ago decided Twitter drove me nuts!

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